I love printing, getting hands on and inky and being creative is something I have loved since I was a child. Getting older nothing much has really changed, I would still much rather be playing on a printing press with some type or cutting a lino block than sitting in front of a computer designing. For a long time I have thought about having lighter presses which could be carried around easily. With this in mind I set to work designing and making. I learned about how to design in 3D and how to use and work 3D printers / CNC machines. I followed my usual process of designing and making but this time with these new ways of manufacturing in mind. So the F-Press was born. To develop my creation I ran a crowdfunder & amazingly the project funded at 350%.

I am currently busy building all the presses for all of my wonderful backers THEN I will be launching the F-Presses for all to purchase.

In the mean time I have started a mailing list for people who are interested in when F-Presses will be available – to join the mailing list please email me at fpress@typetom.com – mailing list members will get the first chance to order…

To find out more about my project click the links below to see my original crowdfunder campaign and a feature on Colossal.com